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The Program

A degree in mathematics is one of the best possible means of preparation for post-college years, whether a student intends to work in business or industry, teach, or pursue graduate studies. At CLU, we provide a broad and challenging program designed to develop fundamental skills and prepare students for lifelong learning.

The program features small classes with an emphasis on faculty-student interaction, classroom technology to stimulate learning, computer labs for student exploration and discovery, a focus on interdisciplinary applications, faculty advising to assist students in reaching their academic and career goals, and opportunities for tutoring and being tutored in the Math Tutoring Lab. Students are challenged to explore the many facets of mathematics and its applications through creative and critical thinking.

The faculty encourage students to apply their mathematical knowledge by working in internships and independent projects. Students synthesize and extend their mathematical experiences through participation in the senior capstone course.

Employers in the public and private sectors seek generalists with critical thinking skills who are capable of adapting to a wide variety of situations. Graduates in mathematics are prepared in this manner and can work in many career fields. These include computer science, engineering, actuarial science, education, business, finance and the natural sciences. Along with finding excellent employment opportunities, CLU math majors have also been accepted for graduate studies at top universities throughout the United States.

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