Department of Religion

Religion Major

Program Overview

Opportunities abound for graduates of CLU's Religion program. The Religion Department seeks to instill knowledge of religion in its social, historical, ethical and theological dimensions, and to prepare students for a variety of careers.

Whether as preparation for graduate work, lay or ministerial church vocations, or nearly any other pursuit, the University's religion curriculum challenges students to engage in the academic study of religion as they explore the religious questions people have asked through the ages: the nature and meaning of scriptural texts, the existence and nature of God, the meaning of life, how humans should live life, and what awaits us after death. CLU's Religion program provides a solid grounding in religion as it supports the University's liberal arts emphasis to fully prepare students for the complex issues they will face throughout their lives.

Students may major or minor in religion, and minor emphases may include church vocations or youth ministry. Religion students enjoy many opportunities for internships and independent study, enabling them to explore specific areas of career/vocational interest while completing their undergraduate degree programs.

Religion students graduate from Cal Lutheran well prepared for seminary study, are eligible to enter the Associate in Ministry program for lay persons who are certified by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and have the resources to think in a sophisticated way about religious issues in general and the place of religion in their own lives.