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Mar. 11: Eight Plays, 80 Minute CLU Echo Article Here

Feb. 4: Cal Lutheran Present: "STOP KISS": CLU Echo Article Here


Nov. 19: It's Time to Get Fancy CLU Echo Article Here

Oct. 22: Zombie Invasion CLU Echo Article Here

Apr. 16: Racy Musical to Awaken CLU CLU Echo Article Here

Mar. 5: Challenge Accepted: 10-minute Plays CLU Echo Article Here

Feb. 5: "Ferris Bueller" Actor to Go Back to School CLU Echo Article Here


Nov. 6: Theatre Arts aims for Students to Laugh and Like it CLU Echo Article Here

Oct. 23: 'Conversations With...' Harold Perrineau CLU Echo Article Here

Oct. 23: First CLU Employee leaves estate to Performing Arts Center CLU Echo Article Here

Oct. 16: CLU Theatre Pushes Boundaries with Current Season CLU Echo Article here.

Oct. 10-13: "Rocky Horror Picture Show" to Crash-Land on Campus CLU Echo Article here.

Apr. 25-May 8: CLU Play to Tackle Effects of Video Gaming VC Star Article Here

Feb. 13-16: CLU is once again Proud to Present "The Trojan Women" in Los Angeless KC-ACTF Website Article here.


Nov. 22: Classic set in concentration camp is ‘mesmerizing’ TO Acorn Article Here

Nov. 13: The weight of war hangs heavy over 'Trojan Women' VC Star Article Here

Apr. 26: CLU is faithful to the melodramatic tone of "Jekyll and Hyde." VC Star. Article here.

Apr. 26: Jekyll and Hyde: CLU performance brings chills. The Acorn. Article here.

Apr. 25: Student performers embrace the darkness in play. CLU Echo. Article here.

Apr. 18: CLU students to present "Jekyll and Hyde." VC Star. Article here.

Apr. 2: Press release: CLU Presents Jekyll and Hyde musical. Fillmore Gazette. Article here. CLU Website. Article here.

Mar. 15: Actor Jon Polito comes to CLU to dish on parts. VC Star. Article here.

Mar. 9: Actors share Shakespeare with students. CLU Website. Article here. VC Star. Article here.

Mar. 6: "Almost, Maine" a  definite hit. CLU Echo. Article here.

Mar. 1: Cal Lutheran theatre performance looks at stages of love. VC Star. Article here.

Feb. 29: Actor to discuss craft March 21 at CLU. CLU Website. Article here.

Feb. 28: Bard-for-kids tour stops at Geffen, CLU. CLU Website. Article here.

Feb. 14: Theatre department gets dramatic at competition in Utah. CLU Echo. Article here..

Feb. 12: CLU drama students particpate in national festival. CLU website. Article here. VC Star. Article here.

Feb. 10: CLU presents romantic comedy March 1-4. CLU Website. Article here.

Feb. 6: CLU play competes at regional festival. CLU Echo. Article here.

Jan. 17: Kingsmen Shakespeare 2012 season set. CLU website. Article here.


Nov. 17: Mysterious death sends family over the edge in haunting Tennessee Williams one-act. VC Star. Article here.

Nov. 17: Crazy days of summer: CLU's expert and daring staging of Tennessee Williams' play. VC Reporter. Article here.

Nov. 16: 'Suddenly Last Summer' brings tragedy to the stage. CLU Echo. Article here.

Nov. 9: Tennessee Willams' play to be performed at CLU (preview for Suddenly Last Summer) VC Star. Article here.

Nov. 4: A guarded haze cloaks a woman's heart in CLU's 'Summer and Smoke. VC Star.' Article here.

Nov 2: Southern romance brought to life. CLU Echo. Article here.

Oct. 21: Acting company performs quirky Bible stories. CLU Echo. Article here.

Oct. 10: CLU production to play with Bible themes. VC Star. Article here.

Sept. 27: Actress schools aspiring performers in conversation.VC Star. Article here.

July 13: CLU's Shakespeare troupe ready for its next act. VC Star.Article here.

July 13: A new program gives young actorsthe opportunity to perform in popular play. VC Star. Article here.

July 8: Rarely used opening adds another layer of comedy to Shakespeare classic. VC Star.Article here.

April 6: Kingsmen Shakespeare Company hold educational tour.VC Star. Article here.

April 3: 'Spelling Bee to be performed at CLU. VC Star. Article here.

Mar. 19: Conversations With...: The many faces of Doug Jones VC Star.. Article here.

Feb. 22: Conversations With...: McGee, Flanagan talk acting shop. VC Star. Article here.

Jan.1 : CLU production "The Cherry Orchard" picked for L.A. presentation. VC Star.Article here.


Nov. 11: Chekhov's 'The Cherry Orchard' blooms again at California Lutheran University. VC Star. Article here.


Mar. 10: Award-winning CLU professor, Kenneth Gardner, hooked on theatre. Article here


Nov. 2: Bruce Bui, CLU alum and costumer for the Memphis Ballet gets rave reviews for his design of "Firebird". Click here for review

Oct. 28: Inside the (black) box. Article here