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Students who receive tuition reimbursement from their employer may delay payment for up to six weeks after the last day of the term. To take advantage of this deferred payment plan, it is your responsibility to:

  • Submit a confirmation letter or company plan from your employer via fax to (805) 493.3886 or email to
  • Submit a completed Employer Reimbursement application prior to the term you begin your enrollment and annually thereafter each fall term
  • Statements are only available electronically through CLUpay.
  • If the application and/or company plan are received in the Student Accounts Office after the second week of the term, a $50 late transaction fee will be assessed
  • If your employer does not provide 100% reimbursement, you are responsible for paying the difference prior to the first class meeting
  • If your employer reimbursement plan has a maximum annual limit, CLU will cancel your deferral when that limit is reached. You will be responsible for payment of all tuition charges exceeding your policy limit prior to the first class meeting

The print version of the application may be downloaded and faxed to (805) 493-3886 or completed online and transmitted electronically to the Student Accounts Office.

Students are ultimately responsible for payment of their fees, tuition and costs. Payment of your account is expected when your employer reimburses you or no later than six weeks after the end of the term. Payments can be made in cash or check in the Student Accounts Office or through the e-check option available in WebAdvisor.

If full payment has not been received within 6 (six) weeks from the end of the term, interest of 1.25% will accrue monthly on the entire unpaid balance. (Including charges for a current term.) A student is not eligible to defer tuition if they have a past due balance. A hold will be placed on your account to prevent future registrations until your balance has been paid in full. CLU does not accept credit cards for tuition and fee payments.