Student Accounts

Frequently Asked Questions


What services does the Student Accounts Department provide?

We keep an accounting record of each student's charges and payment history. We provide students with financial clearance for classes, room and board. We counsel students on payment options in relation to their student account. The cashing of personal checks is also available.

How will I be billed?

All registered students can view a live online pre-bill in WebAdvisor for their upcoming semester or term as soon as they enrolled in courses. Charges are assessed on the account in the first or second week of classes. Those students who have not paid their balance in full will receive monthly electronic bills sent via email. Monthly paper bills/statements are not provided.

When is payment due?

Traditional undergraduates only have a financial clearance deadline prior to the start of term. Gaining financial clearance requires payment in full (or enrolling in an automatic payment plan) and submitting an online payment contract each semester. The fall semester deadline is due during the first week of August. The spring semester financial clearance deadline is the first week of January. All other programs require payment in full by the first day of class.

What is included in the traditional undergraduate pre-bill packet?

You will receive a welcome letter, information on the required payment contract and how to gain financial clearance, and information on the automatic payment plans.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes. All programs now have payment plans at California Lutheran University. See Payment Plans for more information or call Barbara Culbert at (805) 493-3173 for assistance.

Does CLU accept credit cards?

CLU does not accept credit cards for tuition, room, board and student fees assessed on a student's account. The Business Office does accept credit cards for a small number of charges students may incur; such as, parking fines, transcript costs, etc.

Do you assess interest?

Yes. Any student owing a balance at the end of our monthly billing cycle will be assessed an interest charge of 0.83% of the unpaid balance on the first of each month.

Do I have a billing statement?

Yes. Electronic statements are available online for all students. Once a student is admitted to the university, they are automatically enrolled to receive electronic statements. Students with outstanding balances will receive a monthly email reminder of their balance due.

When will my Stafford Loan be credited to my account?

All loan refunds are processed within 14 days for the tuition assessement/financial aid disbursement date for each term. Paper checks are mailed to students or picked up in the Buisness Office. For faster receipt of funds, students are encouraged to enroll in the eRefund program available in CLUpay.

Do I list Federal Work-Study on the calculation of charges worksheet?

No. Work study is not credited until the student endorses their paycheck and has it applied to their account balance.

Do I list my housing deposit?

No. This deposit is retained until the student graduates or withdraws from CLU.

May I change my meal plan?

Yes. Meal plan changes are made through Residence Life. Changes are allowed between semesters only.

How do I add munch money?

After the initial buy in, you may purchase additional munch money at Ullman Commons.

If I go to the Student Health Center , is there a charge?

There is an initial $10 fee to see a physician's assistant. Follow-up visits are provided at no charge. Any medications or lab fees are to be paid at the time of service. See Health Services

Does CLU Provide Health Insurance?

Health insurance is provided to all full-time international undergraduate students enrolled in 12 or more units, and/or residing on-campus or in any university controlled residential facility. Domestic students can opt-in to the self-pay insurance options CLU has set up with United Health Care.

Do I need to purchase a vehicle registration permit?

There is no charge for parking permits, but you must register your vehicle with our security office. See vehicle registration.

How do I change my address?

Contact the Registrar's Office to change the local and permanent addresses, as well as all other personal information changes.