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Access to CLUpay is easy. Just log into MyCLU, open WebAdvisor, and click on CLUpay.

Now is the perfect time to update your eRefund and Authorized User contacts in CLUpay. Bank information and user email addresses cannot be transferred from the old system to CLUpay.

Fall 2015 Payment Contract for Traditional Undergraduates   Click here for quick access.

Financial Clearance Guidelines for Traditional Undergraduates

Click here for printable instructions.

Each traditional undergraduate student is required to gain financial clearance on their student account from the Business Office to keep any pre-registered classes for the upcoming semester.

Financial clearance is achieved when two things happen:

  1. The student returns a signed and completed Payment Contract to the Business Office and
  2. One of the following:
    1. The student remits payment for the estimated balance due on the pre-bill, via check or cash
    2. OR The student signs up for a Monthly Payment Plan to schedule automatic payments covering their outstanding account balance
    3. OR The student’s financial aid more than covers the tuition, fees, room and board expenses

The financial clearance deadline is August 7, 2015 for the Fall 2015 semester. Students without financial clearance may have their enrolled courses cancelled before the first day of class.

Tuition Refund Insurance

California Lutheran University cares greatly for our students and their families. We believe that protecting the investment in education is important and so we pleased to partner with Next Generation Insurance Group to offer our students and families GradGuard Tuition Refund Insurance and the Student Protection Plan to our traditional undergraduate student population.

This program complements and enhances our published tuition refund policy and includes $15,000 coverage for the academic year if you are forced to withdraw from school for a covered medical or mental health reason.

Additional information will be provided in your upcoming semester's pre-bill packet and from GradGuard via email prior to the start of the semester.




The Student Accounts Office keeps an accounting record of each student's charges and payment history. We provide students with financial clearance for classes, room and board. We counsel students on payment options in relation to their student account.