Student Accounts

CLUpay Monthly Payment Plans Now Available


  • Easy online enrollment
  • No interest

Payment Methods

  • Automatic bank payment (ACH)
  • Payments are processed on the 15th of each month
    and will continue until the balance is paid in full.

Cost to Participate

  • $100 per academic year: can utilized for 15- and 11-week programs
  • $50 per semester for 15-week semester programs (traditional undergraduates, and graduate programs in Education and Psychology). Click here for annual/semester payment plan schedule and instructions.
  • $25 per semester for 11-week term programs (ADEP, MPPA, MBA, MBA-FP, FP Certificate, MSCS, MS Econ, MSIST). Click here for 11-week term payment plan schedules and instructions.
  • Enrollment fees are non-refundable
  • $25 fee is charged if a payment is returned

Simple Steps to Enroll

  1. Log into MyCLU
  2. Open WebAdvisor
  3. Click on CLUpay
  4. Select your payment plan

Balance Adjustments

Please do not assume your balance will automatically be adjusted if financial aid is received or a class is dropped or added. You should review your account balance monthly. Contact Student Accounts with necessary changes or questions at (805) 493-3173.