Student Accounts


Tuition Refund Schedule (All Students)

CLU does not automatically drop students from a class if they register but do not attend.

Financial withdrawal dates used by the Student Accounts Office for reduction of charges may not the same as the academic withdrawal and drops dates used by the Registrar's Office. Students who withdraw from the University are financially responsible for a reduced portion and possibly all of their tuition and board charges according to the schedules found under Tuition and Fees. Click here to view the Tuition Refund Schedule for all programs.

Overload Tuition Refund Policy

CLU charges $1,220 per unit to undergraduates over 18 units in one semester. You MAY be eligible for ONE unit (no more) of refund if you meet certain criteria. Click here to view the Overload Tuition Refund policy.

Student Vehicle Registration (All Students)

To assist campus security ALL vehicles must display a current vehicle registration permit. Permits must be renewed annually, at the beginning of each academic year. This free permit may be picked up by resident students while checking into their residence halls. Commuter students obtain their permit at Campus Safety. Fines may be assessed if vehicles are not properly registered. Click here to register your vehicle.

Authorization to Release Information (All Students)

In order to provide financial information to anyone but the student, CLU must have a completed release on file. The purpose of this release is to allow us to provide parents and other interested parties information regarding student account status. Download FERPA Authorization Form (PDF file).

Campus Mail Box (Specific to Traditional Undergraduates)

Effective with the first day of each semester (residential student only), all campus mail will be sent to your campus address mail box. CLU Undergraduate website

Bookstore (All Students)

Order your books on-line through our secure website and reserve them for pick-up at the store. Bookstore website

Cash Advances for Books

Students with pending financial aid refunds can receive up to $500 at the beginning of the semester or term. This includes refunds resulting from Pell Grants. The student's account will be charge the amount of the advance and is repaid when the financial aid funds are applied. Call the Student Accounts office directly to set up your advance.