Forrest Fitness Center

Waiver & Release Agreement

Please read the following agreement and check the box at the bottom.

I have read and understand the following rules and guidelines: The Forrest Fitness Center exists to provide a physical fitness and wellness opportunity for the Cal Lutheran community which includes current students, faculty and staff, as well as spouses, Alumni, CLA members, and guests (ELS Students, University Village Staff, anyone not affiliated with the University).

General Rules

  • All patrons must provide their CLU ID and a personal towel upon every entrance into the center for use.
  • No one will be admitted in the fitness center that does not have ID and signed orientation and liability waiver.
  • Be courteous and respectful of others.
  • Members must have a valid CLU ID card and liability waiver on file.
  • Individuals under the age of 18 are not permitted in the facility, unless enrolled as a student at the university.
  • Tobacco, in any form, is prohibited.
  • Swearing, grunting, loud noises, abusive language, inappropriate behavior, and vandalism will not be tolerated.
  • Pick up your towels, water-bottles, magazines, etc. when finished.
  • Be prepared to vacate the Forrest Fitness Center at closing time.
  • No food or beverages (except water and other protein/energy drinks) are permitted.
  • No FFC member is permitted to use the Forrest Fitness Center unattended by FFC staff or outside of operational hours.


  • Jeans, cut-off shorts, sandals, and flip-flops are not permitted in the Forrest Fitness Center.
  • Shirts (sleeveless or tanks are acceptable, but no mid-drift can be showing) must be worn at all times.
  • Shirts with offensive wording are prohibited.
  • Shoes must be clean and dry.


  • Allow others to “work-in” or take turns in the weight room.
  • Do not monopolize several pieces of equipment in the weight room while others are waiting.
  • Only academic classes may reserve certain areas of the Forrest Fitness Center for groups.
  • Do not drop weights on the floor.
  • Ease the weights into position on the machines; do not allow them to slam down.
  • Return and rack the weights when finished.
  • Do not place the weights on benches.
  • Wipe off the equipment when finished.

Front Desk and Cubbies

  • All patrons, regardless if they are in a class or with an athletic team, must show their current ID card before being allowed in the center.
  • Cubbies are for daytime use only.
  • All patrons are responsible for their own personal belongings they bring into the Forrest Fitness Center. The fitness center staff and California Lutheran University is not liable for any lost or stolen items.
  • Patrons must provide identification for use of mats, weight belts and other items behind the front desk, and they must be checked out by an attendant.
  • No individuals except Forrest Fitness Center employees are allowed behind the front desk unless granted specified permission.

Equipment Orientation

  • Patron orientation to equipment, as offered by the Forrest Fitness Center staff on a bi- monthly basis is highly recommended. However, all users, whether having completed orientation or chosen not to are solely liable for their conduct and activity in the center. All machines are used by the patrons at their own risk.

To sign up for the next orientation, email Lauren Rasmussen at and you will be notified of the time and date.

Failure to abide by the rules of the Fitness Center could result in loss of privileges.


I am a student, faculty, staff, Alumni, spouse, CLA member, or guest at CALIFORNIA LUTHERAN UNIVERSITY (the University) and have agreed to participate in the University’s Recreational Sports (Forrest Fitness Center (Gym), Fitness Classes, Intramural Sports, and Outdoor Recreation) Programs. In consideration for being permitted to participate in the Recreational Sports Program, I hereby agree and represent that:

  1. I have or will secure health insurance to provide adequate coverage for any injuries or illnesses that I may sustain or experience while participating in the Recreational Sports Program. By my signature below, I certify that I have confirmed that my health care coverage will adequately cover injuries sustained as a result of my participation in the Recreational Sports Program, and I hereby release the University and the employees and agents from any responsibility or liability for expenses incurred by me for injuries or illnesses (including death) that I may incur because of those injuries or illnesses.
  2. I further agree:
  3. To file with my team captain or fitness instructor information on myself, including important names, addresses and phone numbers along with information about any specific physical conditions, medications, etc. as it might interface with the physical activity.
  4. That it is my obligation to be physically fit and specifically conditioned for the particular recreational activity before my participation in it.
  5. That it is my obligation to obtain the proper training before competition.
  6. That it is my obligation to obtain a medical physical examination and a physician’s clearance before undertaking physical activity in conjunction with the Program.
  7. That it is my obligation to have any injuries I may suffer treated in a prompt manner.
  8. That it is my obligation to report any injury to CLU Campus Public Safety, Fitness Instructor or the Intramural Staff in a prompt manner.
  9. That it is my obligation to reflect positively on the University by avoiding inappropriate behavior and actions before, during and after participation in the Recreational Sports Program.
  10. That it is my obligation to be proactive in all situations to ensure a healthy and safe environment for my Program participation.
  11. That it is my obligation to have my own medical and accident insurance, if I do not have medical or accident insurance I agree to pay for any medical and/or dental expenses directly or indirectly related to my participation.
  12. I understand that, although the University has made every reasonable effort to assure my safety while participating in the Recreational Sports Program, that there are unavoidable risks in sports, and I hereby release and promise not to sue the University or its employees or agents for any damages or injury (including death) caused by, deriving from, or associated with my participation in the Recreational Sports Program, except for such damages or injury as may be caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of the employees or agents of the University.
  13. I agree that, should any provision or aspect of this agreement be found to be unenforceable, that all remaining provisions of the agreement will remain in full force and effect.
  14. I represent that my agreement to the provisions herein is wholly voluntary, and further understand that, prior to signing this agreement; I have the right to consult with the adviser, counselor, or attorney of my choice.
  15. I agree that, should there be any dispute concerning my participation in the Recreational Sports Program that would require the adjudication of a court of law, such adjudication will occur in the courts of, and be determined by the laws of, the State of California.
  16. This agreement represents my complete understanding with the University concerning the University’s responsibility and liability for my participation in the Recreational Sports Program, supersedes and previous or contemporaneous understandings I may have had with the University on this subject, whether written or oral, and cannot be changed or amended in any way without my written concurrence.

No one under the age of 18 is allowed to participate in Recreational Sports Programs without special clearance from the Coordinator for Recreational Sports.

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