Intramural Sports & Fitness

Rules & Eligibility

Who Can Play?

The Intramurals Sports programs at California Lutheran University are open to:
  1. Any current enrolled CLU student (undergraduate, graduate, or professional student)
  2. CLU Faculty
  3. CLU Staff

NCAA Athletes and Intramural Sports Regulations

  • CLU NCAA Athletes cannot play in the same Intramural Sports (ex. IM Basketball) as their CLU NCAA Sport (NCAA Basketball); unless their CLU NCAA athletic eligibility is done (Seniors or players who have finished their last NCAA season and have no more NCAA eligibility)
  • CLU Athletes that quit their CLU NCAA Sport (ex. NCAA soccer) and want to play the same Intramural Sport (ex. IM Soccer) will have to get the IM NCAA ATHLETE VACATE FORM signed by their head coach providing evidence that he or she quit
    • If they violate this agreement and continue the play of their CLU NCAA Sport, they will not be allowed to participate in any CLU Intramural program.
    • After one calendar year of not participating in that varsity sport, the player will be considered a normal participant for IM Sports purposes.

Download the IM NCAA ATHLETE VACATE FORM by clicking the link.

League schedules and tournaments have limited space and team registration is on a first come first serve basis!


For any questions about eligibility for our programs please e-mail