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Messi Situation Wins a Thriller!


Even though they came into the playoffs as just a four seed, Messi situation was able to win an overtime thriller in the final over Funky Bunch. Funky Bunchtook an early lead, but Messi Situation was able to battle back and send the game to golden goal overtime, where they were able to score and win the championship!

Congratulations to Messi Situation!


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Indoor Soccer is one of the most popular and physical Intramural Sports at California Lutheran University. Monday nights will be team's time to shine and score those goals. Games will be played from 7 to 11 p.m. Teams compete in a 6 versus 6 format in the Soiland Recreation Center. Each team must have 2 members of each gender on the court at all times. Each game consists of 20 minute halves with running clocks.