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Here you will be able to submit paperwork, get programming ideas, and have access to important information.The information on this site is for Peer Advisor use only!

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Orientation Mission Statement

The New Student Orientation program is responsible for: facilitating the transition of new students into CLU, preparing new students for CLU's educational opportunities, and initiating the integration of new students into the intellectual, cultural, and social climates of the institution.

Peer Advisor Program

The Peer Advisor program is aimed at assisting in the transition of incoming students and providing support on a personal, social, and academic level to freshmen and transfer students.

Thirty-four Freshmen Peer Advisors and eleven Transfer Peer Advisors (who are student volunteers) are each assigned a Peer Group of 15-25 students. During Orientation, Peer Advisors facilitate group cohesion (within their peer group and the incoming class as a whole) through activities designed to promote a sense of campus community and to enhance student retention.

Peer Advisors serve as a resource and are responsible for keeping in contact with students in their Peer Groups during the entire academic school year. Bimonthly Peer Advisor meetings are planned during the fall and monthly meetings in the spring to routinely allow Peer Advisors to both learn from and help each other.