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Personal Information
Name: Kenneth Kile
Department: Computer Science
Designation: Undergraduate Student
Project Information
Title: Developing Children's Educational Software Android Application
Abstract: The Android application I developed is an education program for elementary school children. It will teach children to identify different marine animals, their sounds, a brief description of their traits and how they interact with their environment. This project serves two goals. I will learn how to program Android applications which is a very profitable and commercial area within computer science. I will also be saving kids from the mind numbing nihilism that will result from playing too many mindless games. I will use the Eclipse Android environment program the application. I will use the Android simulator to test the application. When the project is complete I will put it on an Android tablet. I will present my project to testers and see how they react to it, making the necessary adjustments.
Session: Science Showcase Poster Session - Apr 27, 2012 @ 10:30am
Professor: Dr. Myungsook Klassen
Professor's Email:

Approval Workflow Steps:

  1. Student submits an abstract
  2. Faculty Mentor reviews the abstract (Current Status)
  3. Faculty Mentor either sends abstract back to student for corrections -OR- gives approval
  4. OURCS will give final approval
  5. Abstract will appear on FOS website under the designated session and is ready for inclusion in the printed pamphlet

Abstract Guidelines

  • Check that the abstract has been linked to the appropriate session. Check the Festival of Scholars schedule.
  • Check that the submission is appropriate in form, content, grammar, etc.
  • Each abstract needs to contain at least the following information:
    • Title – the title should be unique to the presentation (this is not just the session title). The title should give a good sense of what will be presented.
    • Brief introduction – (at least one sentence) the importance of the topic. This should provide some motivation for why the project was undertaken.
    • Purpose statement – the goal of the project/presentation.
    • Methods – a methodology associated with the work.
  • If possible, the results of the project and a brief discussion/conclusion should also be included.
  • Each abstract should be a minimum of 5 sentences and a maximum of 250 words.

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