Center for Student Success

STAR Program

"Students Taking Academic Responsibility"

STAR is a holistic academic assistance program. Developed to enhance academic preparedness of students and provide them with proper direction throughout their academic journey, STAR is designed for probationary and conditionally admitted students as well as those students who choose to elect into the program to receive additional support. Students are asked to sign a contract that requires them to participate in and adhere to a variety of academic support services. By enrolling in the STAR program, students are taking an active role in furthering his/her educational success.

STAR students are held accountable to CSS for mandatory contract requirements including: weekly meetings with an academic counselor, study hours, and educational workshops. The academic counselors will provide STAR students with useful study strategies as well as refer and/or direct students to other appropriate resources. There is a $750 per semester fee to enroll in the STAR program for Probationary students and a $1,000 year fee ($500 per semester) for Conditionally Admitted students. Students who want to elect into the program must contact CSS at the beginning of the semester to assess need(s) and availability; the fee is $500 per semester.

STAR Can Help Students...

  • Prepare to move forward with their class load
  • Maintain GPA for extra-curricular involvement (Athletics, Clubs, Academic Scholarships, etc.)
  • Avoid academic probation, or be removed from probation
  • Facilitate open communication with the student and their professors
  • Learn how to balance his/her academic, social, and personal development

The STAR program also includes the following:

  • Personalized attention through weekly meetings with an assigned STAR Counselor
  • Progress Reports for each academic course
  • Information about campus resources
  • Assistance with class schedules
  • A variety of workshops (view the workshop schedule)
  • Advocacy for students

STAR Documents